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FAE Group UML/EX - FML/EX for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida

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FAE Group UML/EX - FML/EX for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida



Due to its size and its advantages in terms of robustness, reliability and performance, this is one of the most popular models in the FAE excavator mulcher line. The hydraulic mulching employs the latest FAE technology: the cylinders and the chain are located in the side housing compartment. The FAE enclosed body system also protects the internal hydraulic components from dust and debris.
The oversized skids make use easier and safer. The attachment plate system uses through-pins for strength and reliability in operation.
Available with multiple motor options including the variable torque 110cc VT motor which dramatically increases production and reduces fuel consumption. Multiple tooth options for a wide range of applications.

The standard equipment includes:

  • Enclosed machine body
  • Belt transmission
  • Hydraulic piston motor 63cc with relief and anticavitation valve (UML/EX) - (30 - 40 GPM)
  • 110/60cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor (UML/EX/VT) - (32 - 48 GPM)
  • Flow control system valve
  • Hydraulic rear hood
  • Welded counter blade
  • Screwed double line protection chains
  • Motor enclosed in frame
  • Blank attachment plate


Available on demand: Customized setting hydraulic motor (UML/EX/VT), diverter valve (plug & play) + ext. wiring, customized attachment bracket, customized attachment bracket with extended-heel, multiple tooth options (UML/EX)
with rotor Bite Limiter (UML/EX/VT).


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