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FAE Group SSH - SSH/HP for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida

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FAE Group SSH - SSH/HP for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida



Attention to details is what sets FAE apart from our competitors across the globe.The new SSH-SSH/HP forestry tillers are designed and built with this motto in mind.
The considerable size of the rotor enables the grinding of stumps up to 70cm/28" while the large number of teeth achieves the best results in shredding operations even with deep roots up to 50cm/20".
With incredible power and productivity, these machines turn untamed terrain into soft soil in minutes. As always, we only use superior quality materials and parts to guarantee incredible clearing results and extended life of our equipment. In the new model, we have added forestry counter knives, improved interior protection, and a highly efficient cooling system for the central gearbox. The SSH-SSH/HP machines are reliable, longlasting, and highly productive tillers that ensure a fast return on your investment.

The standard equipment includes:

  • Hydraulic rear hood
  • Interchangeable inner antiwear plates in Hardox®
  • Enclosed machine body
  • Inside lateral protection
  • Protection chains
  • Transmission with side gearbox
  • Side gearbox with oil cooling system (SSH/HP)
  • Gearbox with freewheel
  • Gearbox with oil cooling system (SSH/HP)
  • PTO shaft (SSH/HP)
  • Friction clutches
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch (SSH)
  • Bolted-on rotor shafts (in forged steel)
  • Hydraulic top link (not for SSH 150-175 version)
  • Z style self ranging system of the PTO drive shaft/gearbox (not for SSH 150-175 version)
  • Adjustable Hardox® counter-blade


Available on demand: bolted grid on rear hood, stronger transmission for tractors up to 360-400 HP (SSH), multiple tooth options, W style self aligning device between PTO drive shaft/gearbox, adjustable counter-blade (forest), adjustable skids / Dozing blade, hydraulic support roller / Increased hydraulic roller.


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