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Mahindra 1538 Shuttle

Mahindra 1538 Shuttle for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida

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Mahindra 1538 Shuttle for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida



  • 7-year limited warranty - see dealer for details
  • Choice of Industrial or Ag tires at no extra cost (additional shipping may be required)
  • Clear view, multifunctional instrument panel
  • Comfortable mounting step and easy grip handle on either side of tractor
  • Comfortable, adjustable driver seat with water drain facility
  • Drawbar
  • Easy forward tilt possible on seat for tractor storage
  • Easy hook for top link retention
  • Easy latch for clutch pedal locking during tractor storage
  • Enclosed down-swept exhaust muffler
  • Ergonomic controls and pedals for operator comfort
  • Foldable ROPS
  • Hitch lowering speed adjustment knob
  • Hood opens completely for ease of access
  • Spacious, semi-flat operator platform with rubber mat
  • Tilt steering column


Tractor 1538 Shuttle
ENGINE Shuttle
Type Four stroke, indirect injection water-cooled, diesel
Cylinders 3
Engine HP (kW) @ rpm (EPA Certification) 36.2 (27) @ 2600
Compression Ratio 22.5:1
Displacement cubic inch3[cc] 101.4 (1662)
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.1 gallons
Battery Capacity 12 volt, 46 amp hours
Alternator 12 volt, 55 amps
Type Single plate, dry
Type Constant mesh on gear
shift, synchro mesh on
F/R shuttle
Number of Gears / Speeds 8F / 8R
Max Speed Forward / Reverse mph [kmph] 12.7 (20.5) / 10.7 (17.2)
Type Hydrostatic Power
Pump Out [gallons per minute] 3.4
Type Wet disc
Type Open center, full-live hydraulic with position control
Pump Out [gallons per minute] 7.7
3-Point Linkage Category 1, with telescopic stabilizers
Lift Capacity [lbs.] 2646
Rear Auxilary Remote Valves 1 spool optional
Type Independent
PTO RPM [engine rpm] 540 @ 2376
Mid PTO RPM (engine rpm)* 2000 @ 2525*
PTO HP [kW] 31.0 (23.1)
Total(lbs.) 2560
DIMENSIONS with Ag Tires  
Overall Length Inches [mm] 121.3 (3080)
Overall Width Inches (mm) 62 (1575)
Overall Height Inches (mm) (with Industrial Tires) 8.2 (2.5)
Turning Radius Min. Feet (meters) 84.4 (2145)
TIRES Sizes and Options  
Ag (Front/Rear) 7x16 / 11.2x24
Industrial(Front/Rear) 28x8.5-15 / 43x16-20
Turf(Front/Rear) 27x10.5-15 / 41x14-20


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