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Master Craft Truck Mounted Backhoe

Master Craft Truck Mounted Backhoe for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida

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Master Craft Truck Mounted Backhoe for sale at Grower's Equipment, South Florida



The Master Craft Truck-Mounted Backhoe is especially suited to a wide variety of utility companies, pipeline companies, municipalities, and contractors. This unit is ideal for jobs requiring speed to the job site and full mobility. The Master Craft TMB is a completely factory-assembled unit with complete platform and backhoe mounted on customer-specified truck.

The Master Craft TMB is a 15 ft. backhoe with 2 lever controls—consisting of boom; dipperstick; double-acting lift, crowd and bucket cylinders; swing system; 11'3" wide stabilizers; console including hydraulic controls; stop switch and operator's seat with black vinyl cover.

Master Craft's TMB consists of right and left side steps at front of platform; hydraulic reservoir with externally mounted filter; transport cradle; tilt control and operator's seat actuated diverter valve; two double-acting tilt cylinders and linkage; working lights for night operation (two on platform and one on dipperstick); lockable storage compartment; transmission driven PTO, hydraulic pump and diverter control valve (38 gpm capacity @ 1400 rpm): all hydraulic fittings and plumbing plus truck frame attaching parts.


  • Remote throttle control
  • Remote stop switch
  • Black vinyl backhoe seat
  • Truck frame attaching parts
  • Safety tread platform
  • Frame and fenders
  • Transport tilt cylinders, control valve, plumbing, tilt frame, and tie bars
  • Backhoe transport cradle
  • Hydraulic pump, reservoir and plumbing and external oil filter
  • Diverter control valve
  • Lockable storage compartment
  • Working lights for night operation (two platform and one dipstick light)
  • Power talBackhoe stabilizer pads

Trucks and backhoe makes and models as available. (Must meet Master Craft specifications.)


  • Special paint to match fleet requirements
  • Amber beacon
  • Spotlight
  • Bucket crane
  • Rear cab protector

The backhoe seat must be in "store" position at the front left corner of the truck before backhoe can be tilted. This safety feature prevents accidental tilting of the backhoe while operator is seated in the backhoe position.

NOTE: Because of our policy of continual engineering research and improvement we reserve the right to make changes in design, specifications and components without notice, but always subject to the Master Craft written warranty.


Model Any basic 2-1/2 ton cab-chassis. The rear of the truck frame from rear axle back must be completely empty to allow for the backhoe to go into the operating position and brake chambers must be forward of rear axle. Cruise control with RPM increase/decrease switch interface with wires to end of frame and park brake and neutral interlock required. An electronic tachometer to 3000 RPM is also required.
Wheelbase 129" Minimum to 141" Maximum
Cab to Axle Distance 60" Minimum to 72" Maximum
Frame Size 50,000 PSI (equivalent or better)8.28" x 2.75" x 0.25" 18.0 section modulus (SM) with inverted L
Front Axle Spicer I-80 or equivalent with a weight rating of 8,000 lbs or more
Drive Axle Spicer N-175 or equivalent with a weight rating of 17,500 lbs or more
Suspension Front: 9,000 lb capacity leafsprings with telescoping shock absorbers or equivalentRear: 23,500 lb capacity leafsprings with 4,500 lb cap auxiliary springs or equivalent
Tires 10R-22.5-10 ply rating Steel Belted Radials on painted steel disc wheels
Brakes Hydro-Max II hyrdaulic system or equivalent (contact Master Craft for required specs of air brakes)
Steering Power steering preferred
Exhaust System Single vertical exhaust at RH rear of cab
Engine Power: Must match or exceed required specs of the transmission used - engine hour meter, QB-3 shutdown system or equivalent, largest radiator available from manufacturer
Transmission Allison MD 3560 automatic transmission (or equivalent) with PTO capabilitiesEaton Fuller FS-6406A manual transmission (or equivalent) with PTO capabilities
Fuel Tanks Fuel tanks must not extend past the back of the cab
Hydraulic Capacity 40 gal.
Hydraulic Filtration Replaceable cartridge filter


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