Kubota KX033-4

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Aux1 Diverter Valve
The diverter valve allows auxiliary oil to be diverted to the operation of auxiliary attachments without removal of the thumb attachment pipeline for increased efficiency on the go.

Strong Bucket Breakout Force
When heavily loaded, the KX033-4's outstanding bucket breakout force lets you handle even the toughest excavating jobs with speed and efficiency.

Wide Working Range
The KX033-4's powerful and responsive front working group gives you the confidence to handle a wide range of digging, lifting, and loading jobs. The low center of gravity with the double flanged track rollers provide efficient operation when working to the side or lifting heavy objects.

Hydraulic Angle Blade (Optional)
Save time and work more efficiently. With a simple movement of the new thumb operated rocker switch on the dozer lever, the hydraulic angle blade can be angled to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine moves forward, eliminating the need for repetitive repositioning at right angles when backfilling trenches.

Float Position
The float function is a standard feature on the KX033-4*. Ground finishing work can be completed quickly and simply without the need to adjust the dozer height. After backfilling, simply travel backwards along the covered ditch with the dozer in the float position.*Standard on both angle blade & straight blade models.

Easy Operation
Angle blade operation has been enhanced for easier control. Up, down and float movements are made with a single lever, while left and right angle positioning is made by the rocker switch on top of the lever.

Generous Approach Angle
Navigate ramps and over obstacles with confidence - Kubota's angle blade has a 32 degree approach angle.

Tight Spots
The angle blade lets you work efficiently in confined spaces, alongside walls, and near busy roads. No wider than the tracks, it's also easy to transport between jobs.

Easy-Open Front Slide Window
Unlike many excavator windows, the front glass window of the KX033-4 opens with ease. Just flip the latches on the window sides and slide it up. A gas-assist mechanism makes this action almost effortless.

Wider Entrance
The KX033-4 features a much wider door and more ample foot space, making it a breeze to get on and off the excavator.

Deluxe Suspension Seat
Kubota's high back suspension seat has been designed for maximum operator comfort and to minimize fatigue during extended machine operation. The deluxe reclining seat offers weight compensation, firm adjustable wrist support and retractable seat belts.

2-Speed Travel Switch
By placing the 2-speed travel switch on the dozer lever, dozing operations can be done faster and easier.

Cup Holder
With the convenience of a bigger cup holder, you can quench your thirst and work longer without leaving the cab. Or store your cell phone*. The charging port is located conveniently close by.
*Cell phones should not be used during machine operation.

Wrist Rest
A thoughtfully designed wrist rest enhances operation and reduces operator fatigue.

Air Conditioning
Enhanced air circulation in the cab results from a more powerful cooling/heating unit and six vents positioned around the operator to offer optimal all weather comfort.

Operators can select the ISO pattern or SAE backhoe pattern by turning a switch positioned within easy reach while seated.

Kubota Original Direct Injection Engine
The KX033-4 is powered by Kubota's impressive direct injection engine. Engineered with the power to maximize digging and lifting performance, it also delivers minimized noise, vibration and fuel consumption, and is as well a non-DOC/DPF Tier 4 Final certified engine.

Proportional Flow Control of Auxiliary Circuit (AUX1) and Maximum Oil Flow Setting
Now you can conveniently program up to five different oil flow rates for specific attachments on the new digital control panel. No tools or manual adjustment is required. And, with a maximum AUX 1 circuit oil flow now up to 15.8 GPM (60 liters) you can operate a larger variety of auxiliary attachments than ever before.

Third-Line Hydraulic Return
A standard third-line hydraulic return system allows oil return directly to the tank without running through the control valves during operation of one-way hydraulic attachments. This decreases the likelihood of oil contamination, and results in less back pressure and greater oil flow efficiency.

The KX033-4 auto-shift automatically shifts travel speed from high to low, depending on traction and terrain, allowing smoother operation when dozing and turning.

Extendable Arm (Optional)
Ideal for those hard to reach areas, the KX033-4's arm can be quickly and easily extended up to 31 inches (800 mm), boosting productivity as well as efficiency.

Auto Idling System
When KX033-4 control levers are in neutral for more than 4 seconds, engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever, and engine RPM immediately returns. This innovative feature not only lowers noise and exhaust emissions, but also reduces operating cost and fuel consumption. It can be turned on and off.

Swivel Negative Brake
The swivel negative brake automatically locks the swivel function in its current position. This prevents unexpected machine movement. It's particularly useful during work on slopes or when towing the excavator between worksites.

Large-Capacity Variable Displacement Pump
The KX033-4's performance matched boom, arm and bucket movements are the best in the industry. Kubota's unique hydraulic system and large-capacity variable displacement pumps give you the precise control needed to operate smoothly and efficiently in confined quarters. With the hydraulic power harnessed in the KX033-4's front working group superior digging force is available when you need it.

Front Bush Pins
Bushings on all pivot points on the front attachment and connecting points on the swing bracket is one more feature that adds to the enviable durability of this machine.

Travel Negative Brake
The travel negative brake locks the tracks to prevent inadvertent movement of the machine. This keeps the excavator secure during transport or while parked on slopes.

Easy Maintenance
Kubota's attention to user-friendliness can even be found in KX033-4's engine layout. Primary engine components are consolidated onto one side for easier access so inspections and repairs can be made quickly and easily.<br><br>
A. Dual Element Air Cleaner
B. Water Separator
C. Fuel Filter
D. Starter Motor
E. Alternator
Fully opening rear and right side hoods and easily accessible engine, control valves, and other components simplify maintenance and repair tasks to help keep your KX033-4 in peak operating condition.

Steel Panels
Durable steel side panels open easily for quick inspection and routine maintenance. Positioning inside the counterweight's edge gives panels added protection against inadvertent damage.

The accumulator helps to change hydraulically driven attachments by clearing residual pressure in the hydraulic lines. It also helps to lower front attachments to the ground if the engine is turned off. Both can be done without restarting the engine. Please see the operator's manual for more information.

Digital Panel
With easy access, simple settings, and easy-to-read indicators and alerts, you'll always be aware of the status of your excavator's critical functions. The wider, more visible display screen with easy push button operation puts convenience at the operator's fingertips. Part of Kubota's Intelligent Control System, the digital panel provides a wealth of user-friendly information to help keep the KX033-4 working safely and efficiently.

Operation History Record
Operation history is automatically recorded on the KX033-4. You can trace back up to 90 days of the machine's usage dates by simply checking the built-in calendar.


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